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01 Jun



The Prom

Prom, one of the most exciting days of high school. You get to dress up, hang out with your friends, and dance the night away...but what if you weren't allowed to?  The Prom centers around Emma, a lesbian who ended up getting her high school's prom cancelled because she wanted to bring her girlfriend as her date. Four Broadway stars hear about this and, as a way to show the world they are good people and are not selfish, go to Indiana to try and help Emma have the prom she always dreamed of. The show has been nominated for 7 Tony Awards, mainly for their cast, with two nominations in Best Leading Actress and one in Best Leading Actor. This is one of the most talked about shows this Broadway season. From making history by being the first same-sex kiss at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, to its fun original concept, this show is amazing.

This elaborate and exciting new show is one everyone must watch. Although the show is hilarious and has catchy songs, it also talks about an issue we are still facing today, homophobia. The show mainly takes place in a conservative town where they do not want a same-sex couple attending their prom. Throughout the show, Emma, along with the Broadway stars, try to convince the PTA to allow the prom to be held. Although this might be the story line for the musical, this is happening all over the country, and The Prom is bringing awareness to this prejudice.

This show is taking Broadway by storm, and it's no shock as to why. The incredible choreography (that it sadly was not nominated for at the Tonys) and amazing score makes The Prom to be one of the best shows this Broadway season has to offer. Each actor and actress bring their character to life and deliver this fun original show. The Prom is an exciting and hilarious show to see and definitely recommend it to everyone.

Ain't Too Proud  - The Life and Times of The Temptations


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